Quantum degenerate Bose and Fermi gas

We form Bose Einstein condensates of rubidium 87 atoms, quantum degenerated fermionic gas of potassium 40 atoms, and their mixtures using laser cooling and evaporative cooling in magnetic and far-detuned optical traps and study their properties. Such dilute quantum gases offer full control of external and internal degrees of freedom and variety of unique interrogation tools that enable precise studies of many body quantum systems.

The ultra-high vacuum chamber

By using magnetic Feshbach resonances we tune the system from weakly interacting where the it can be simply described by a macroscopic wave function to the strongly interacting  where highly correlated many body states can be generated and studied. We study and characterize the coherence, dynamics and elementary excitations of these dilute quantum gases using laser and microwave probes and study new type of an opto-mechanical force when they are illuminated with far-detuned uniform laser beam.