Ultraintense laser radiation transforms matter into plasma rich with free energetic electrons. Controlling the distributions and flows of these electrons enables to generate and shape the record electric and magnetic fields suitable for many applications. Our research scope extends from the fundamental studies of highly nonlinear laser-plasma interactions, to their applications in the compact accelerators of electrons, ions, and sources of bright femtosecond X-rays. We also look for the potential applications of these laser-plasma particles and X-rays sources in medicine, radiotherapy, radiobiology, and for non destructive material inspection.



  • Anton Golovanov joins the group as a postdoctoral fellow.  Anton will develop new theoretical ideas and numerical tools for laser-plasma based acceleration. Welcome to the group Anton and good luck!


  • Congratulations to Aaron Rafael Liberman for completing his M.Sc.! Aaron will stay with us to work on his Ph.D. studying the measurement of spatiotemporal coupling for ultrashort lasers and superluminal wakefield electron acceleration. Good luck Aaron!

  • Congratulations to Slava Smartsev for completing his Ph.D. on the topic of boosting electron energy in laser-plasma accelerators! Slava will join Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée to continue his research as a post-doc fellow. Good luck Slava!