Research Interests

My theoretical studies are in the field of strongly correlated electron quantum systems in condensed matter. In such systems, the particles (electrons) cannot be considered independently, rather their behavior at low temperatures is govern by collective many body physics. The superimposed wavy nature of the electrons makes the problems in this field exceptionally rich and complex and may lead to exotic phenomena. The consistent search for small electronic devices makes this basic research of many body physics in confined systems, pertinent to the fast developing technology of devices at nanometer scale. Physical intuition guides our theoretical studies that use advance field-theoretical approaches, such as path integrals, “bosonization” and renormalization group.

Our research concentrates on a few generic examples where the electron-electron interaction plays an important role. In particular, we study systems where interaction and collective phenomena cannot be comprehended by the current paradigm theory of condensed matter metals (the Fermi-liquid theory). Among them are:

  1. Majorana fermions in superconducting wires and topological superconductors
  2. Quantum dots and the Kondo effect and the multi channel Kondo effect
  3. Disorder superconductors and normal metal super-conducting junctions
  4. Glassy systems
  5. Luttinger liquids in one-dimensional systems such as:
    1. carbon nano tube
    2. edges of a quantum hall systems
    3. edges of two dimensional topological insulator

I am looking for a M.Sc., a Ph. D. student and a postdoctoral fellow, please contact me directly for more info.