Our Equipment

The facilities in our lab include top-loading, Oxford-made, dilution refrigerator equipped with superconducting magnets capable of 14 Tesla, He3 fridge with 10 Tesla magnet, evaporator (electron beam as well as thermal evaporation), SQUID magnetometer and various measurement instruments. We put a strong emphasis on hands-on experience for the students, so all the maintenance and support are done by us.

Fabriaction and prepartion of our samples are mostly done using the shared facilities of the Submicron Center (optical and electron beam lithography, SEM), the Electron Microscopy Unit (FIB, ESEM) and the Surface Analysis Unit (AFM).

In addition, a UHV cryogenic STM is in the process of development indigenously.


Oxford Instruments KelvinoxTLM Dilution Fridge

Oxford Instruments KelvinoxTLM Oxford Instruments KelvinoxTLM

Oxford Instruments HelioxTL He3 Fridge

Oxford Instruments HelioxTL

Torr International Electron Beam and Thermal Evaporator

Torr International Torr International

Home-built STM