Nanowires Growth Facility

The nanowires growth facility at the Braun Center for Submicron Research is set for growth of high-purity and high structural quality III-V nanowires by the gold assisted

or self-assisted vapor liquid solid (VLS) process. Since MBE is inherently the cleanest system for growth of epitaxial layers, as compared to other possible methods, it has the most promising prospect for producing nanowires for state of the art mesoscopic physics experiments done at the Braun Center and in collaboration with groups elsewhere. So far the growth of InAs and GaAs nanowires has been well established including respective core shell heterostructure nanowires such as InAs/GaAs and GaAs/AlAs core/shell nanowires serving in transport as well as optical studies. Initial work on growth of Antimony containing nanowires, growth on graphene as a substrate and growth on a variety of substrate orientations is an important part of this work.