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Posters & abstract submission
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Posters & abstract submission


We welcome you all to submit an abstracts for the Symposium. Please note that three or four short talks will be selected from your abstracts.

Please prepare your abstract according to the following guidelines:

The text should be written in English. Use margins of 2.5 cm on all sides of the A4 page. Use font Times New Roman, size 12. The abstract should include: title, authors, author(s) affiliations and text of up to 300 words.

Detailed formatting of the various sections:

Title: CAPITAL LETTERS, on top of page, bold, centered.
Authors: Skip 1 line after title, Presenting author must come first, centered, bold and underlined with first (in full) and last name.
Co-authors first (in full) and last name must follow the presenting author.
Affiliation/Institution: department, city and country: Skip 1 line after authors' names, centered.
Text: Skip 1 line from affiliation, 1 line spacing, in block form.

For an example of the abstract format, please click here

Abstracts should be submitted in Word format only, in the uploading section below.


Posters will be presented during both days of the symposium. Please note that poster size is: 90 cm (3'29'') wide and 120 cm (3'93'') long.


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