Monocytes are mononuclear phagocytes that circulate in the blood and comprise two major subsets. One monocyte population seems dedicated to patrol the inner vessel wall and surveille it for integrity. A second subset, defined as CD14+ cells and Ly6C+ cells in man and mouse respectively, is highly dynamic and short-lived. These cells can be recruited to sites of inflammation and injury where they give rise to monocyte-derived DC and macrophages. Differential functions of these cells and classical tissue-resident DC and macrophages remain largely to be defined.


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Past and present Jung lab members involved in these studies:

Limor Landsman, Simon Yona, Ki-Wook Kim, Yochai Wolf, Alexander Mildner, Mor Gross, Sebastien Trzebanski, Anmol Kulkarni.

Past and Current Funding:

DFG (FOR 1336-2); BSF, ISF, MINERVA foundation, AdvERC