Systems Movement Course

A special career development course

The Feinberg Graduate School offers a special enrichment course named “Systems Movement” (like “Systems Biology” but with a focus on movement), under the general umbrella of our Career Development Program, as we believe it will give you important tools in your future endeavors after you graduate from the Weizmann Institute of Science.


From our experience, participating in Systems Movement develops creativity and self-confidence through improvisation and refinement of the uniqueness of each of us. These can be used to improve our scientific performance and to create new ideas. By exercising in a dynamic team we will also learn together how to use group dynamics to improve processes.

When and where

The course will take place in the 2nd semester on Mondays 16:00-18:00 at the Weizmann Recreation Center. First session: March 27, 2017.

Description and format

This course has been running in the Weizmann Institute for two years now, and involved former dancers from the Bat-Sheva Dance Company and WIS professors and students. It is important to emphasize that no prior dancing skills are required (actually from our experience - no prior dancing skills – is an advantage!).

The format of the course this year will be a bit different and will focus on how “Systems Movement” can aid us in personal development. During the course we will enable in-depth excess to the potential embedded in our bodies to generate movement that will be used to modify our ways of thinking and action. Together as a team we will create new environments that will enable to break habits and to react in a creative manner to existing/changing situations. Through teamwork we will generate movement systems with clear rules, in which we will improvise to enable ourselves to experience different processes from the inside and outside – processes in which we are the researchers or the research subjects.

Lessons 1-4
The first four lessons will be dedicated for building a group and creating a common language, and teaching basic tools for movement based on different techniques: Release, Gaga, and Contact improvisation. In each lesson a number of students will have 5 min to speak about their scientific research.

Lessons 5-7
These lessons will be dedicated for launching the individual research process through movement in smaller groups.

Lessons 8-11
These lessons will be dedicated for deepening the work in smaller groups and creating an integral movement circle based on the individual works.

Lesson 12
The final lesson will be dedicated to presenting the results of our meetings to the public.

Please note: The course is limited to 25 students.

Further Information

For videos and additional information please visit this site.
Systems Movement on the FGS Course Schedule site