Support Program for Ukrainian Students and Postdocs

The Feinberg Graduate School at the Weizmann Institute of Science invites advanced undergraduate, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers to apply to our supported Visiting Students Program. The program welcomes students from Life Sciences, Mathematics & Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Science Teaching to apply. Visitors will be hosted at one of our labs and will get monthly support of 5000 NIS for up to six months + accommodations + airfare.

Please contact our program coordinators given below to apply or obtain more information.

The application material should include, if possible:

  • CV: Your CV should include information about prior experience with experimental or theoretical research, where relevant.
  • Copy of your passport (i.e., copy of the page that displays your details and photo).
  • Transcript (with your university's logo): You should submit an official transcript signed by the appropriate authority at your university.
  • Up to one page of a personal note about yourself and your academic aspirations and scientific interests.
  • Please complete the table below:

Personal information


  1. Last name:


  1. First name:


  1. Passport number:


  1. Gender:


  1. Citizenship:


  1. Country of birth:


  1. Date of birth:


  1. Marital status:




Contact information


  1. Personal email:


  1. Mobile Phone




Academic information


  1. Full name of your current university:


  1. Current position (i.e., BSc, MSc, PhD, postdoc):


  1. Start date of current position:


  1. Current year in your current program:


  1. Expected completion date of your current program:


We understand that you might not solicit all the above material, so we would consider your application even if you have only part of the above material. We plan to do everything that we can to expedite the acceptance procedure. Once the application has been processed, our board of study for each discipline would assist you in finding a host faculty (PI) closely related to your field of research or interest.


FGS Coordinators

The program coordinators:


Michal Kiri

Send mail to Michal Kiri

Phone: +972-8-934-3839


Michal Kiri

Send mail to Michal Kiri

Phone: +972-8-934-3839

Life Sciences-

Dalia Greenberg

Send mail to Dalia Greenberg

Phone: +972-8-934-3843

Math & CS-

Adi Shimron

Send mail to Adi Shimron

Phone: +972-8-934-4553

Science Teaching-

Adi Shimron

Send mail to Adi Shimron

Phone: +972-8-934-4553

Postdoctoral training program-

Livnat Moses

Send mail to Livnat Moses

Phone: +972-8-934-3842


Alternatively, you can also write directly to the Head of our International Office, Aileen Halbershtat, for further assistance.