Zoom Recordings

Recording and storing your lectures this semester

Code of best practice

Dear lecturers and TAs,
If you are using Zoom (or other platforms) to video-record lectures in courses you are teaching this semester (“the Courses”), we would like to collect the recordings and upload them to a dedicated database system denoted as Panopto. This would be very useful for the use of our students at present and also in the future. In order to enable this, please read the statement below as well as the attached document (either in English or in Hebrew) and reply at the end of this email with either I CONFIRM or I’M UNABLE TO CONFIRM.


Privacy Consent

The video recording will capture both your image and your voice. By confirming this letter, you give your consent that the recorded sessions of the Courses will be uploaded internally on WIS website to a video platform called “Panopto”. Access to the recorded sessions is available only to members of the WIS community, and requires a username and password.


Use of Copyrighted Materials

By confirming this letter, you declare that you have read the document entitled "Summary of Principles of Action for the Use of Works for the Purposes of Teaching and Research – “Code of Best Practice English version/Hebrew version" ("the Document") and, accordingly, undertake the following:

  • All the materials that you will present in the Courses will be original or non-infringing third party copyright, and will meet the definition of "fair use" as described in section 2 of the Document.
  • All the materials that you will present in the Courses will be required for teaching the Course.
  • All copyrighted materials that you will use in the Course will be prepared and used according to the principles specified in the Document, particularly those in section 2.9, 2.11 and sections 3.5-3.6 (including their sub sections).


Waiver and Release

By confirming this letter, you grant the Weizmann Institute of Science the right to use the recorded sessions. However, at any point of time you can ask to remove the recording from the data base. Also, the recorded sessions cannot be used by other lecturers at their current or future courses unless an explicit permission is given by you.

No royalties or other compensation will be paid beyond the regular lecturer payments.

As stated above, the recorded sessions will be uploaded internally on WIS website to a video platform and the access to it is available only to members of the WIS community, and requires a username and password. The recorded sessions will be used only for the benefits of the students' and their studies and it will not be used by the Weizmann Institute for any other purpose.


Guidelines for preparation of your on-line course

How to record your lectures and upload them to Panopto automatically

Attached please find a link to a tutorial that will show you, in a few easy steps, how to set your Zoom account to automatically record of your Zoom lectures and automatically upload the lectures directly to your course folder in Panopto (the instructions are also enclosed herein in a pdf format). Your cooperation is really needed to help us simplify the Panopto uploading procedure and to make it more efficient.

Tutorial Video- https://www1.weizmann.ac.il/ClassIT/videos/LecturesAutoRecordingEN/index.html

User's Guide- https://www1.weizmann.ac.il/ClassIT/videos/LecturesAutoRecordingEN/instructions.pdf

Please note that the automatic upload is available to WIS email holders only. If you are an external lecturer and do not have a WIS email account please send your recordings to the technical support personnel below.


How to share a Zoom recording with downloading capabilities (for non WIS email holders only)

User's Guide

Important: zoom recordings are deleted from the zoom system within 60 days so lecturers must send them to the contact people ASAP.


Sending the meetings invitation to your registered students

The following link: https://prodis.weizmann.ac.il/ords306/isprod/f?p=1121:375 will provide you access the list of registered students to your course and their contact info. Below their names youll find a box where you can enter text and send it to them. You may use this box to send your zoom links and any other msgs to the registered students. Please note that if you accepted only part of the students on your list you need to enter you decisions in the appropriate space (accepted/ rejected/ waiting list), mark ONLY the accepted ones and choose "send to selected students". Please let me know in a separate email if you chose to accept only part of the registered students.


Teaching on-line

You may find materials on how to teach with Zoom, kindly provided by Prof. Ron Blonder, in the following link: 



Technical Support