Seminars on Physics of Complex Fluids, Polymers and Interfaces

These seminars take place on Mondays 11.00 a.m. Perlman Building at the Weizmann Institute room 404.

Date Name Institute Topic

31/01/00 Dr. Holger Grüll Chemical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University Wetting and adsorption from binary mixtures
07/02/00 Prof. J.-P. Hansen Chemistry, Cambridge University Colloids and ions: repulsion, attracrion and
phase separation
14/02/00 Dr. Yuval Golan Chemistry, Ben-Gurion University Friction-Induced material transfer and microtribology of nanoparticles
21/02/00 no seminar Weizmann/ETH/EPFL Meeting  
28/02/00 no seminar 6th Minerva winter school on Physical Aspects of Biological Systems  
06/03/00 Dr. Luca Peliti Physics, University of Naples Aging behavior of glassy systems
13/03/00 Prof. Moshe Deutsch Physics, Bar-Ilan University Surfaces of liquid metals and alloys: ordering, wetting and exotic phases
20/03/00 Dr. Uri Alon Molecular Cell Biology, WIS Robustness in bacterial chemotaxis (tentative title)
27/03/00 Prof. Gilles Ben-Guigi Physics, Technion Elasticity and fracture of gels
06/04/06 Prof. Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Marie Curie Inst., France "Friction: from da Vinci to superglide"
06/04/06 Prof. Francoise Brochard Marie Curie Inst., France "Vesicles and tubes"
End of regular seminar schedule for winter semester  


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