AI Ignite

Fueling scientific discovery via artificial intelligence

The AI Ignite flagship consists of three interconnected components: the Institute for Artificial Intelligence, which, through its sub-units, supports all AI-related research on campus; the Weizmann Institute’s new Information Technology (IT) Building; and the upgrade and expansion of local and cloud-based computational infrastructure.

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence is the overall policy-making and executive framework for the development and integration of AI technologies into labs across the Weizmann campus. Under this Institute’s auspices are:

The Center for Core AI Research—designed to improve the power and usefulness of AI and machine learning, as well as conduct ethical investigations about the role of AI in society.

The AI Hub for Scientific Discovery—a meeting place on campus where teams of AI learners and AI experts work together to address significant scientific questions. Education at the AI Hub is led by AI Tutors―Weizmann PhD students and postdocs ―and projects are advanced with the help of AI Fellows, experts from industry who join the Weizmann Institute’s scientific community for a period of one to three years.

AI Ignite Challenge Grants, awarded by the Institute for Artificial Intelligence on the basis of competitive calls for proposals, accelerate progress in five major fields of research where AI is poised to have a particularly significant impact: Biology/Biochemistry, Genomics/Bioinformatics, Environment/Green Chemistry, Energy/Materials Science, and Neuroscience.