Electrical Characterization

Lakeshore Cryogenic Probe Station

This probe station is capable of making a wide variety of non-destructive, standard electrical device measurements. It provides efficient cryogenic temperature operation and control with a continuous refrigeration system at high vacuum (~10-6mbar) using either liquid helium or liquid nitrogen operating over a temperature range of 4.2 K to 475 K.

Janis Probe Station (website link)

Janis ST-100 permanent contact setup

This homemade setup is currently under construction. We hope to make permanently contacted lab-on-chip integrated devices for electrical characterization for bio-molecular electronics as well as light effects in photovoltaic cells. The instrument is capable of low temperature measurements at high vacuum.

Hg Hanging Drop

This set-up allows us to make the second contact for our molecular junctions. Unlike other methods mercury forms a soft non destructive contact, and it can follow the roughness of the surface. With this set-up one can control the mercury drop size, and the experiments can be conducted either in a dry state or in solution. A microscope is aligned towards the drop so that one can measure the drop size and can take a picture. The sample is mouthed on XYZ home made stage with a micro resolution. This set-up is also applicable for electrochemistry studies.