Research Projects

Development of nanostructured materials using self-assembly schemes

  1. Synthesis of custom-designed molecular and nanoparticle building blocks
  2. Self-assembly of molecular and nanoparticle components using coordination and electrostatic binding
  3. Construction of 2D and 3D hybrid nanostructures




Nanostructured metal and metal oxide films

  1. Metal nano-island films prepared by evaporation and annealing
  2. Thermal dewetting of just-percolated evaporated gold films
  3. Immobilized gold and silver nanoparticle films
  4. Chemically deposited copper nanoparticle films
  5. Morphologically controlled copper (I) oxide nanocrystalline films



Localized plasmon transducers for sensing applications

  1. Localized plasmon transducers for sensing applications
  2. Plasmonic copper nanoparticle films prepared by chemical deposition
  3. Study of critical parameters of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) transducers
  4. Optimization of LSPR transducers
  5. Study of biological interactions using LSPR sensing
  6. LSPR biosensing for diagnostic applications