We are very thankful to all of our collaborators who help us propel our research forward.

The list below includes some of our major collaborators with whom we work regularly on active projects.

  • Noam Shental (Open University, Israel)
  • Jenifer Wargo (MDACC, Texas, USA)
  • Dan Raz (City of hope, California, USA)
  • Ran Kafri (Toronto Medical Center)
  • Baruch Barzel (Bar-Ilan University)
  • Tzachi Pilpel (WIS)
  • Eran Elinav (WIS)
  • Eran Segal (WIS)
  • Amos Tanay (WIS)
  • Varda Rotter (WIS)
  • Talia Golan (Tel-Hashomer Medical Center)
  • Jair Bar (Tel-Hashomer Medical Center)