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Professor Emeritus

The Weizmann Institute of Science
76100 Rehovot, Israel
telephone: +972 (8) 934-2043 

Research areas

I. Target Oriented Organic Synthesis, Including Total Synthesis of Physiologically Active Compounds

A total syntheses of (-)-alpha-kainic acid, a neuroactive amino acid and of yingzhaosu A, an antimalarial endoperoxides were completed. Beside the synthesis of yingzhaosu A itself we designed and synthesized scores of structurally related endoperoxides. Antimalarial in vitro and in vivo screening and preliminary toxicity tests indicated that some of these peroxides exhibit potent antimalarial activity and, being non-toxic, are considered as potential antimalarial drug candidates.

II. Development of New Synthetic Methods and Strategies Based on Free Radical Processes

Methodologies based on sulfur-mediated sequential free radical reactions and on temporary sulfur connection were developed. In sequential reactions several new bonds are formed and cleaved in a single operation without isolating intermediates, thus increasing the overall efficacy of a process. In temporary connection reaction-selectivity and stereoselectivity are controlled through intramolecularization of the process. The particular properties of sulfides and of thiyl radicals allow the integration of the strategy of temporary connection, and the strategy of sequencing reactions in single processes. This strategy has been applied to the stereospecific synthesis of 2,4-cis-disubstituted pyrrolidines.

III. Iron(II) Induced Degradation of Peroxides

Investigating some controversial aspects regarding the origin of the antiparasitic properties of peroxides the mechanism of the iron(II)-induced degradation of some endoperoxide-sulfones was studied. We found that beside free radicals and electrophilic products also carbocations are generated. It is conceivable that the antimalarial activity of endoperoxides may derive from alkylation of vital intra-parasitic biomolecules by free-radicals and/or carbocations, generated within the malaria parasite through a similar iron(II)-induced degradation process.

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Selected publications

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