Name Years Current Affiliation
Shlomo S. Razamat 2000-2002 faculty member at the Technion
Yaron Antebi 2001-2008 faculty at Weizmann (biology)
Ram Fishman 2001-2002 faculty at George Washington University (Economics)
Assaf Patir 2002-2007 faculty at the Hebrew University (Economics)
Boaz Katz 2003-2005 faculty at Weizmann (astrophysics)
Zohar Komargodski 2004-2008 faculty at Weizmann and Stony Brook Center for Geometry and Physics
Itamar Yaakov 2005-2007 now a post-doc at Milano
Eyal Karzbrun 2007-2009 now a post-doc at KITP
Ran Yacoby 2007-2013 now at Nova
Guy Gur Ari Krakover 2008-2014 now at Google
Anna Frishman 2010-2012 faculty at Technion (complex systems)
Itamar Shamir 2009-2015 now a post-doc at SISSA
Nizan Klinghoffer 2009-2015 now a machine learning freelance
Efrat Gerchkowitz 2011-2018 now a post-doc at UCLA
Avner Karasik 2012-2019 now a post-doc at Cambridge
Vladimir Narovlansky 2012-2019 now a post-doc at PCTS, Princeton