Prospective students

Every year we have in our research group 1-2 M. Sc. and 1-2 Ph. D. positions. We encourage students from the Weizmann Institute and elsewhere to apply for these positions.

Due to the nature of research in theoretical high-energy physics, a lot of background is needed before being able to perform quality research. Thus, usually M. Sc. students begin by working on a problem of limited scope, and studying just the background material they need for this. Students who continue for a Ph. D. gradually learn and work on more and more topics, until towards the end of their Ph. D. they are able to see "the big picture" and to conduct independent frontline research. Because of this issue, we do not recommend to students who only plan to do an M. Sc. and not a Ph. D. to apply to our group.

Students are first accepted to our research group, and then it is decided which one or two of the faculty members will be their advisors. We try to have all Ph. D. students in the group work with two or three of the faculty members, so that they are exposed to different topics and ways of thinking.

We usually decide on which students to accept on May of every year, so it is best to apply at the beginning of May, by e-mail to one of the faculty members in the group. Acceptance is based on past record, recommendation letters if available, and, in many cases, also on an oral exam.

Prospective post-docs

In addition to faculty and students, post-doctoral fellows play an important role in the research carried out in the group. We usually have 3-4 post-docs at any given year, with most post-docs staying for 3 years, so that we have on average one opening each year. We encourage the applications of qualified Ph.D. graduates of all nationalities and genders.

We view the post-doc period as an essential step from a student to an independent researcher. Hence, post-docs at the group have the complete freedom to either work in collaboration with the faculty, or choose their own research projects (perhaps in collaboration with other post-docs or students). In fact, a mixture of the two is expected. At the same time, although our post-docs represent a diverse set of interests and expertise, they are full and active participants in the group's activities, discussions, seminars and group meetings. Post-docs are of course provided with the required travel, computer and visitors resources.

We believe that the atmosphere and the resources in the group allow for a complete immersion in science. For additional general information about the post-doctoral positions at WIS visit the WIS home page ( and follow the "postdocs" tab. Information about additional funding opportunities for post-docs. Application to post-doc positions are performed via the website, with the deadline at the end of November every year.