Group Members

Prof. Yitzhak Frishman

Prof. Yitzhak Frishman

Principal Investigator
Edna and K.B. Weissman Building of Physical Sciences

For Ph. D.

  1. Shimon Yankielowicz (1970-1974): "Properties and Applications of Operator Product at Short Distances and near the Light Cone".
    Now a Professor in Tel Aviv University
  2. Eyal Cohen (1978-1982) ["Maslul Yashir"]: "Aspects of Field Theories-Dynamical Symmetry Breaking and the Perturbation Series".
    Went into Computer Animations for Movies
  3. Doron Gepner (1980-1984) ["Maslul Yashir"]: "Non-Perturbative Phenomena in Field Theory".
    Now a Professor in the Weizmann Institute
  4. Jacob Sonnenschein (1984-1987): "Mass Scales in Particle Physics and Field Theory".
    Now a Professor in Tel Aviv University
  5. Amihay Hanany (1990-1995) ["Maslul Yashir"]: "Methods in non-perturbative field theory".Now a Professor in Imperial College, London

For M. Sc.

  1. Jacob Lifshitz (1970): "Pion Form Factor and Weinberg Sum Rules".
  2. Steven Schach (1971): "Unstable Particle in Field Theory".
  3. Yoav Eylon (1972): "A Model for Two Dimensional Spinor Electrodynamics in Terms of Currents"
  4. Nicolas Cordova (1985): "Fractional Charge in 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 Dimensions".
    Renamed Yossi Cordoba, now at HEDA Tel-Aviv
  5. David Gershon (1988): "Bosonization Schemes and Spectroscopy in QCD_2"
    Now Professor in the Finance and Banking Department at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Director of the Gershon FinTech Center there.
  6. Ofer Avni (1994): "Constituent versus Current Quarks".