ifigures: high-school math and science with computer programing

Since 2015 we have been working with students and teachers to include basic computer programing as part of their physics and math teaching. Based on our own and other's experience (e.g. Papert's Mindstorms- children, computers, and powerfull ideas), including computer programing can significantly enhance the understading of many deep concepts in physics and math. Calculus is an important example - where integrals, derivatives and solutions to differential equations can be found by using small increments - allowing powerfull tools and deep insights. 

One of the obstacles is a useful platform that allows easy access to programing with imediate graphical output. Inspired by BASIC, Matlab, Jupyter notebooks, Observable and other platforms, we are developing and maintaining ifigures - a free, web-based platform that allows direct access with no need for any instalation or registration. ifigures, launched in 2018, and has been succesfully used by hundreds of students and teachers in various environments.