The Molecular Physics Laboratory research focuses on the dynamics of single atomic, molecular and cluster ions. We use these species to better understand the dynamics of strongly interacting few body systems, their dissociation pathways, recombination, internal decays and any other time dependent processes. 

The research program in the group is carried together with Dr. Oded Heber, and here you can also find some of his own focus. 

Our laboratory makes extensive use of a unique ion trapping technologies (the electrostatic ion beam trap) which allow for the long time storage of mass selected ions, and offers many possibilities for measuring their interactions, decays, dissociation and cooling.

We are also interested in probing the intriguing behavior and dynamics of the trapped ions, including the so-called self-bunching effect, where oscillating ions with similar charges are attracting each others, seemingly contradicting the well known Coulomb law. This effect is being studied in details for its possible application in mass spectrometry. Additional effects such as auto-resonance cooling of trapped ions and related effect are also studied.