Sussman/Silman Group Members

Group Members

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Department of Stuctural Biology
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100, Israel
  Fax: +972 8 934 4159
Tel: +972 8 934 2397 or +972 8 934 4531
E-mail: Joel.Sussman at

Present Members

Prof. Joel L. Sussman Professor Joel.Sussman at
Prof. Israel Silman Professor Israel.Silman at
Dr. Harry Greenblatt Staff Scientist Harry.Greenblatt at
Dr. Clifford Felder Research Scientist Clifford.Felder at
Dr. Grzegorz Wieczorek Post Doc Grzegorz.Wieczorek at
Minjun Li Ph.D. Student Minjun.Li at
Moshe Ben-David Ph.D.Student Moshe.Ben-David at
Dr. Yacov Ashani Consultant Yaacov.Ashani at
Dr. Haim Leader Consultant Haim.Leader at
Dr. Simone Botti Consultant Simone at radbiomed
Dr. Michal Harel Consultant Michal.Harel at
Dr. Ron Unger Consultant ron at
Marcin Suskiewicz Visiting Student Marcin.Suskiewicz at
David Canner Visiting Student David.Canner at
Former Group Members
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