The Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity (CISS) effect is a multidisciplinary phenomenon with implications in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. We constructed this website to allow researchers, students and people from industry to share their results and experience on the subject.

The CISS effect was first described in a Science paper [K. Ray, S.P. Ananthavel, D.H. Waldeck, R. Naaman, Asymmetric scattering of Polarized electrons by organized organic films made of chiral molecules, Science, 283, 814 (1999).] and became quantitative established in another Science paper [B. Göhler,V. Hamelbeck, T.Z. Markus, M. Kettner, G.F. Hanne, Z. Vager, R. Naaman, H. Zacharias, Spin Selectivity in Electron Transmission Through Self-Assembled Monolayers of dsDNA, Science 331, 894-897 (2011).]. Since this second paper, the field is expanding fast and both extensive experimental and theoretical studies are carried by various groups. Yossi Paltiel from the Department of Applied Physics at the Hebrew University and Ron Naaman from the Department of Chemical and Biological Physics at the Weizmann Institute will serve as the first editors of the web site. They hope for the support of many colleagues aiming at enabling fast information transfer and efficient sharing of know-how. The construction of this website is supported through a special grant from the VW Foundation, Germany.