This tool was developed as part of the following study: Artzi N*, Shilo S*, Hadar E*, Rossman H, Barbash-Hazan S, Ben-Haroush A, Balicer RD, Feldman B, Wiznitzer A, Segal E, Prediction of Gestational Diabetes based on Nationwide Electronic Health Records


This tool is meant to provide access to the algorithm developed in the above study.
If you have any questions about your health risks, please contact your physician.

Please answer the following questions: 


What is your date of birth?
What were your latest pre-pregnancy weight and height measurements?
How many diabetic first-degree relatives (parents, children, and siblings) do you have?
Has a doctor ever told you that you have or had
If you had an HbA1c% test, what is the highest value that you had?
Have you given birth before?
If the answer is yes
If the answer is yes, what were the results?
50 g GCT result
100 g GCT result


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