Nanoscale Science and Technology Education

The rapid development of the area of Nanoscale Science and Technology (NST) calls for additional perspectives that would change the focus of the scientific and educational community regarding the recommended concepts of NST that ought to be taught on a high school level.

I have examined three different aspects of NST education:

  • (a) Identification through a Delphi study the essential concepts and applications in NST recommended be taught in high school science. This identification of essential concepts has a theoretical contribution to the field of NST education and has important implications regarding designing NST high school programs.
  • (b) Examination of how teachers learn advanced contemporary contents and how they can integrate it into their teaching practice within the field of NST.
  • (c) The development, implementation, and examination of a three-stage model in several advanced topics.

The model provides chemistry teachers with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of contemporary scientific areas and supports them in adapting it for use with their students. I have found that in order to integrate advanced contents into school, in addition to teachers' knowledge, it is essential to enhance their self-efficacy beliefs.