The Weizmann Astrophysical Observatory is located near Kibbutz Neot Smadar in the South of Israel. The observatory hosts several telescopic systems:

* The Large Array Survey Telescope (LAST) - An under-construction, high-grasp survey telescope with 48 telescopes 28-cm wide-field telescopes of 12 mounts. LAST currently includes 32 telescopes and deployment of all 48 telescopes are planned for mid-2023.


* The Multi-Aperture Spectroscopic Array (MAST) - A planned multiple telescope array that feeds high-throughput spectrographs.


* The Fast Astronomical Survey Telescope (FAST) - A 55-cm Schmidt telescope equipped with a fast imaging camera.


* The Pan-chromatic Array for Survey Telescopes (PAST) - A planned broad-band, photometric follow-up telescope array.


The observatory is studying transients, exo-planets, and Solar System objects.


32 LAST telescopesThe observatory from above