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Ofer Shomron
"The Glory of the Small Things"
Stone Administration Building, Entrance floor

The banality of existence finds vibrant expression and celebration in Ofer Shomron’s works. With the humble means of brushes, paints, and canvases, he challenges time to stop momentarily, and attempts to “frame,” at least in our memory, fleeting daily moments that appear insignificant in real time. Shomron calls us to order and tries to compel us to see and acknowledge the deep significance of these moments, which are unique, never-to-return visitors in our lives.

Existence, according to Shomron, depends on the human, even if the human is not inside the picture. In his “still life” paintings, it is easy to sense the presence of the person just around the corner, who is looking at the painted reality—and should probably also be affected by it. As articulated so well by Israeli poet Yaakov Rotblit: “Without ‘to be or not to be’, I just am”.