Where Science Meets Art

Michal Servadio Ilan
"On My Way"
Raoul and Graziella de Picciotto Building for Scientific and Technical Support, 4th floor

The works by Michal Servadio Ilan in this exhibition focus on a personal, physical, and metaphysical journey. The journey, along with the insights arising along the way, is the central theme of her works.

Michal photographs moments that capture her attention in compositions that seem to produce an impossible or unusual form of space. In this photographic space, she examines the reality and reliability of the photograph and the moment, challenges memory, and generates new narratives. The combination of color-treated photographs and a collagic intervention creates an attempt to take apart and reassemble urban and natural landscapes.

The works encompass strata of information (varied landscape or architectural structures), layered on top of each other, each hiding and revealing parts of the one before it.

The exposed personal journey hides and reveals parts of a universal journey in the seemingly familiar reality, here and now, in an unresolved conflict of sorts, between what is and what ought to be aspired to.

Arie Berkowitz, Vera Pilpoul