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Postdoctoral position studying Long Noncoding RNA biology

Life Sciences
Mathematics and Computer Science
Thursday, November 1, 2018

Our lab studies the biology of noncoding RNAs and their roles in gene regulation, with a particular focus on the recently emerging class of long intervening noncoding RNAs (lincRNAs). We use genomic and biochemical approaches alongside computational methods for studying functions and modes of actions of these RNAs, and also examine their evolution and work to place them in higher-order regulatory networks. To do so we use various combinations of novel and existing experimental and computational methods. Candidates with background in computational or molecular biology are sought, and those with a multidisciplinary background, spanning both life sciences and computer sciences, are especially encouraged to apply. Among candidates with background in molecular biology, preference will be given to those with experience in molecular work with RNA, biochemistry, genomics, and/or studying mammalian stem cells in culture.
The starting date is flexible. Interested and highly motivated applicants should send their CV and brief description of research interests to igor.ulitsky@weizmann.ac.il Informal inquiries are welcome.
Postdoctoral benefits are as described at http://www.fgs.org.il/en/