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We are interested in photosynthetic communities, their behaviour under fluctuating and stressful conditions, and their diversity and evolution.

Life Sciences
Saturday, March 28, 2020

Our group is interested in the changes that occur in photosynthetic organisms when faced with varying conditions. Whereas organisms are usually grown in the lab under constant, well controlled conditions, real life organisms face vast changes in their environment that occur at time scales ranging from seconds to months. The ability of photosynthetic organisms to efficiently utilize a capricious energy source such as ambient light is remarkable. Even more impressive is their ability to withstand stress conditions. The group includes chemists, biologists, agronomists and physicists that use structural, omic, biophysical and molecular techniques to study photosynthetic organisms exposed to various environmental dynamics. At the machine level, our interests include the structure and function of the energy-transducing devices, their modulation by environmental parameters and their formation and breakdown. At the system or organismal level, we are interested in the mechanisms that enable photosynthetic organisms to withstand varying conditions and different stresses. We are also interested in understanding the complex structure and response of populations of organisms made to experience different levels of environmental dynamics and stresses.