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Applications are invited for post-doctoral fellowships at the newly established Israeli Minerva Center for Life Under Extreme Planetary Conditions.

We are seeking theorists, observers, and laboratory scientists working in fields whose research can help reveal life's chemical and physical evolution, and the potential and conditions suitable for life, in extra-solar planetary environments, our own solar system, and of course, Earth. These include researchers focusing on one or more of the following: astrophysics, planetary science, geochemistry and geophysics, chemistry and biology related
to the origin and evolution of life.

The MINERVA center has an active group of theoretical, experimental and observational researchers in these areas, including Oded Aharonson (planetary science and astrophysics), Aharon Oren (biology and extremophiles), Itay Halevy (geochemistry and planetary science), Doron Lancet (biology and the origin of life) and Hagai Perets (astrophysics and planetary science).

Applicants should have a Ph.D. (by the time of the commencement of their fellowship) in a relevant field and a promising record of research and publication. A C.V., list of publications, brief statement of research plans(1-2 pages), and three letters of recommendation sent directly to us by those familiar with your work should be submitted electronically to by 15 February 2013; late applications will also be considered until all positions are filled. Fellowships appointments are typically for two years (a third year renewal may be considered). A research budget of $5,000 will be awarded to the successful candidate, as well as support for relocation expenses.