Sustainability and Energy Research Initiative (SAERI)

SAERI is now the “Institute for Environmental Sustainability (IES)” a new flagship of the Weizmann Institute. For more information please visit our new website.

We are at a tipping point, a seismic shift in the history of humanity and its interaction with Earth.


Sustainability is much more than an environmental issue, it is a challenge that will affect the life of everything and everyone on the planet.


Meeting the global demand for energy and food in a sustainable manner, that is, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, is the grand challenge of our time.


Basic scientific research is essential for dramatic improvements that are our only hope for making this possible. Beyond energy, humanity is at a nexus of demands for food, water, etc. all impinging on the quality of our environment.


This is what motivates SAERI scientists to focus on providing the fundamental scientific basis that will lead to the technological developments transforming the path towards sustainability and alternative energy sources.


The next ten years are crucial. Our goal is to make them count.

Powered by a pioneering spirit and a profound sense of urgency, our goal is to achieve transformational scientific breakthroughs to solve the challenges associated with the environmental crisis.