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The environmental crisis is a complex web of interdependent challenges that touch on every aspect of modern civilization. To make an impact, we need to work together across disciplines and sectors to generate scientific breakthroughs that will power game changing solutions. At Weizmann Institute, our renowned research environment empowers scientists to push boundaries and take risks, to swiftly adjust and adapt, and to collaborate without unnecessary hierarchies and formalities. 



Sustainable Materials

Can Small Molecules Do Big Things?

Prof. Boris Rybtchinski
Date: December 17, 2023

The Boris Rybtchinski lab employs an understanding of crystallization mechanisms in order to fabricate soluble and tunable organic nanocrystals (ONCs) from simple aromatic molecules. These nanocrystals possess advantageous photonic and electronic functionality, such as nonlinear optical properties, efficient energy and charge transfer, etc. The group also develops new bulk materials based on ONCs. In the world of ONCs, simplicity and tunability of the molecular systems and the assembly processes enable the easy creation with a high degree of control of a virtually unlimited toolbox for new materials.