Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge we will face in the coming decades, and climate research plays a crucial role in understanding and responding to this urgent challenge. Climate research helps us understand the causes, mechanisms, and impacts of climate change. It enables an assessment of vulnerabilities and risks associated with the impacts of climate change, and provides valuable information for the development of effective strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

Climate research improves climate models, refining predictions of future climate scenarios and aiding in decision-making. It supports international agreements and frameworks by providing the scientific foundation for negotiations, policy development, and monitoring of progress. It also promotes innovation and the development of technology by uncovering opportunities for renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and other climate-friendly solutions. By providing the knowledge and evidence necessary to address climate change challenges, climate research lays the foundation for working towards a sustainable future. 

The Center for Climate Research engages scientists with a wide range of expertise to address the grand challenges of climate change. It supports climate and weather observations, theoretical and modeling studies, and investigations of climate feedbacks and the carbon cycle, among other topics. The Center further bridges these approaches to encourage collaborative, multidisciplinary, synergetic studies and provides a framework for interaction among the Center’s members. Through the activities of the Center for Climate Research, the Weizmann Institute aims to divert one of the greatest threats to humanity.

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Research Groups

Prof. Itay Halevy

Head, Center for Climate Research

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Prof. Dan Yakir

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Prof. Ilan Koren

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Dr. Shira Raveh-Rubin

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Dr. Rei Chemke

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Prof. Yohai Kaspi

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Prof. Aldo Shemesh

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Prof. Yinon Rudich

Head, Center for Environment and Health

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Prof. Assaf Vardi

Head, Center for Marine Research 

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