To address the urgent need for clean and sustainable energy production, the Center for Renewable Energy promotes collaboration between scientists across faculties at the Weizmann Institute to develop the scientific foundation for innovative renewable energy technologies. The Center brings together different groups of scientists—theorists and experimentalists, chemists, physicists and biologists— to tackle the current challenges of harnessing and storing renewable energy. Through dedicated working groups, symposiums, and grants for collaborative work, Weizmann scientists are joining forces for new discoveries to support the development of renewable energy technologies to power daily life - today and for future generations. 

With the recent growth of electricity dependent technologies, including electric vehicles, there is an ever-increasing need for energy production that is clean, renewable, and meets the needs of consumers. Scientists at the Center for Renewable Energy are using cutting edge research to develop novel energy conversion, storage, and delivery systems that are efficient and stable, and would have a positive impact on climate change.

For more info about The Tom and Mary Beck Center for Renewable Energy, please watch this short video.

Research Groups

Prof. Michal Leskes

Head, The Tom and Mary Beck Center for Renewable Energy

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Dr. Sivan Refaely-Abramson

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Dr. Omer Yaffe

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Prof. Milko van der Boom

Head, Center for Sustainable Materials

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Prof. David Cahen

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Prof. Gary Hodes

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Prof. Leeor Kronik

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Prof. Boris Rybtchinski

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Prof. Dan Oron

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Prof. Igor Lubomirsky

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Prof. Sarel-Jacob Fleishman

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Prof. Ron Milo

Head, Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystems

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Prof. Ronny Neumann

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Prof. David Milstein

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Dr. Baran Eren

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