A sustainable future requires a series of new functional materials that provide for the needs of industry and society, while being resource efficient, non-toxic, and causing no harm to the environment. Such materials can support a wide array of sustainable activities and systems, including energy storage, carbon caption, converting solar energy into electricity, clean catalytic processes, and more. 

At the Center for Sustainable Materials, researchers from across departments at Weizmann Institute focus on the introduction of new materials and production processes. Multidisciplinary projects involve the collaboration of a range of experts, including synthetic chemists, materials scientists, and theoretical and computational chemistry groups. Work includes the demonstration of novel systems that have orthogonal functionalities (e.g., light harvesting and charge storage) that can be used for the design of self-powered systems that collect water from air or for smart glass, and the development of recyclable supramolecular plastics, as well as biodegradable organic electronics, batteries, and more. 

For more info about the Center for Sustainable Materials, please watch this short video.

Research Groups

Prof. Milko van der Boom

Head, Center for Sustainable Materials

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Prof. Michal Leskes

Head, The Tom and Mary Beck Center for Renewable Energy

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Prof. Boris Rybtchinski

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Dr. Filipe Natalio

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Dr. Assaf Gal

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Dr. Omer Yaffe

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Prof. Leeor Kronik

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Prof. Ernesto Joselevich

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Prof. Igor Lubomirsky

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Prof. Ronny Neumann

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Dr. Baran Eren

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Prof. David Milstein

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Prof. Reshef Tenne

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Dr. Ulyana Shimanovich

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Dr. Samer Gnaim

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Dr. Elena Meirzadeh

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