One of the grand challenges of the 21st century is our ability to provide nutritious food to every person on the planet. This is due to global warming and the increased frequency of extreme events, such as floods, fires, and desertification, as well a range of other environmental and social factors, including a lack of arable land to expand farming, soil deterioration, population growth, urbanization, and more. Achieving food security under these constraints requires innovative scientific and technological advances based on the deployment of cutting-edge research.

At the Center for Food Security and Nutrition, scientists are working across a wide range of disciplines to develop a new generation of nutritious crops that are adapted to climate change and can be grown in a sustainable manner. They are conducting advanced research in genomics, computational biology, genome editing, metabolomics, microbiology, and protein design and physiology to develop the scientific innovations necessary to provide food security to people around the world in the near and long term. 

For more info about the Center for Food Security & Nutrition please watch this short video.

Research Groups

Prof. Avraham Levy

Head, Center for Food security and Nutrition

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Prof. Ron Milo

Head, Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystems

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Prof. Asaph Aharoni

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Prof. Maya Schuldiner

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Prof. Yuval Eshed

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Prof. Ziv Reich

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Prof. Tamir Klein

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Prof. Robert Fluhr

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Dr. Filipe Natalio

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Dr. Daniel Dar

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Prof. Sarel-Jacob Fleishman

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Prof. Eldad Tzahor

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Dr. David Zeevi

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