SAERI Funded Projects

2011/12 Cycle

Nuclear Fission

  • New nuclear-energy scheme and radioactive waste treatment(M. Hass)

Energy Analysis & Sustainability

  • GeoNumbers – Earth & energy numbers database(R. Milo)
  • EcoDollars: environmental cost of products(R. Milo)

Basic research for Biofuels

  • Institute-wide consortium(A. Levy, Y. Eshed, A. Danon, U. Pick, E. Bayer, G. Galili, N. Barkai)
  • Engineering High-Lipid Content in Marine Algae(A. Aharoni, A. Vardi)
  • Engineering cyanobacteria for biomass and biodiesel(A.Scherz)

Solar Cells

  • Molecules for Inverted Solar Cells(M. Van Der Boom)
  • High-voltage nano-porous Solar Cells(G. Hodes)

Artificial Photosynthesis

  • Reconstitution of oxygenic photosystem by incorporating in sol-gel matrices(D. Noy)
  • Catalytic Reduction of CO2(R. Neumann)