SAERI Funded Projects

2019/20 Cycle

Collaborative Research Grants

  • Organic nanocrystalline heterojunctions for robust solar cells(Boris Rybtchinski, Dan Oron)
  • How does marine microbiology affect clouds and climate?(Assaf Vardi, Ilan Koren)
  • Investigating the effects of Nutrient Limitation on the Isotope geochemistry and Microbial interactions in Blooms of Ocean algae - IN LIMBO(Itay Halevy, Einat Segev)

Single-lab Research Grants

  • Developing a New Paradigm for Self-Repairing Materials(David Cahen, Igor Lubomirsky)
  • Theory of defects and structural dynamics in chalcogenide perovskites for photovoltaic applications(Leeor Kronik)
  • Hyperthermostable designer cellulosomes for enhanced conversion of cellulosic biomass en route to biofuels(Gideon Schreiber, Ed Bayer)
  • The bulk photovoltaic effect in WS2 nanotubes(Reshef Tenne)
  • An Iron-Molybdenum Molecular Capsule as a Functional Model for Nitrogenase Enzymes: The Electrocatalytic Reduction of Molecular Nitrogen to Ammonia with Water(Ronny Neumann)