SAERI Funded Projects

2020/21 Cycle

Single-lab Research Grants

  • Thermal energy harvesting by a polymer gel(Ulyana Shimanovich)
  • Development of sustainable food by emergent Lignocellulosic digestion in a host-microbiome system(Yoav Soen)
  • Phage treatment for sustainable crop protection – overcoming bacterial immunity(Rotem Sorek)
  • Linking Technology-Critical Elements in Leachate and a Value Creation Potential from Urban Mining(Brian Berkowitz)
  • Molecular Level Understanding of Electrode Surfaces using Vibrational Spectroscopies under Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Conditions(Baran Eren)
  • The Electrocatalytic Reduction of Molecular Nitrogen to Ammonia with Water(Ronny Neumann)

Collaborative Research Grants

  • Developing a Search Methodology for Self-Repair in Energy Materials(David Cahen, Dan Oron)