SAERI Funded Projects

2021/22 Cycle

Collaborative Research Grants

  • Improving Materials’ Sustainability by Intrinsic Defect Healing(David Cahen, Dan Oron)

Single-lab Research Grants

  • Sustainability and water: The disproportional effect of decreasing precipitation on ecosystem water-yield and its modification by vegetation(Dan Yakir)
  • A method for recycling rare earth magnets(Igor Lubomirsky)
  • Oxygenations with Molecular Oxygen by Unique and Novel Dioxygenase Pathways(Ronny Neumann)
  • Computational design of high redox-potential enzymes for the utilisation or degradation of diverse anthropogenic pollutants(Sarel Fleishman)
  • Electrochromic Metallo-Organic Assemblies for Generating Hydrogen by Water Electrolysis in Neutral Aqueous Solutions(Milko Van der Boom, Michal Lahav)
  • Thermal energy harvesting with a structurally dynamic polymer gel(Ulyana Shimanovich)
  • The potential role of coastal aquifers in the ocean carbonate system(Yael Kiro)
  • Sustainable material farming(Filipe Natalio)