SAERI Funded Projects

2022/23 Cycle

Single-lab Research Grants

  • A method for recycling mixed rare earth/(Co+Ni) magnets(Igor Lubomirsky )
  • Oxygenations with molecular oxygen by unique and novel dioxygenase pathways(Ronney Neumann)
  • A cocktail of designed oxidoreductases for efficient lignocellulose biodegradation(Sarel Fleishman)
  • Electrochromic metallo-organic assemblies for generating hydrogen by water electrolysis in neutral aqueous solutions(Milko van der Boom and Michal Lahav )
  • Sustainability and water: The disproportional effect of decreasing precipitation on ecosystem water-yield and its modification by vegetation(Dan Yakir)
  • Studying marine biofilms to mitigate the harmful effects of coastal slime formation(Einat Segev)
  • Thermal energy harvesting by a polymer gel(Ulyana Shimanovich )
  • The role of coastal aquifers in the ocean carbonate system(Yael Kiro)
  • The dynamic and biochemical basis of material farming(Filipe Natalio)
  • Contribution of transposable elements to rapid evolution and phenotypic variation in a wild wheat population(Avraham Levy)
  • Sustainable composite plastics(Boris Rybtchinski )
  • A new paradigm in solar concentrators(Nir Davidson)
  • Low power event-based deep neural networks(Ehud Ahissar)
  • Elucidating the structure of catalytic interfaces by selective NMR detection with endogenous dynamic nuclear polarization(Michal Leskes)
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying the exceptional high light tolerance of Acacia species(Tamir Klein)
  • The Effect of Ocean Acidification on the Formation of Molecular Crystals in Fish and Algae(Dvir Gur)
  • Sponge diseases under climate change: addressing the role of the microbiome(Ziv Reich and Ruti Kapon )

Collaborative Research Grants

  • Catching a CO2 valorisation reaction in action - Combining novel chemistry with novel techniques (Baran Eren & Sergey Semenov )
  • Detecting long-distance anthropogenic effects on open-ocean microbes(Shira Raveh-Rubin & David Zeevi)