I am employed in the chemistry group at the Department of Science Teaching, the Weizmann Institute of Science, where I was the head of the National Center for Chemistry Teachers for 16 years (until one year ago), and the coordinator of the chemistry group at the Department of Science Teaching. In my work, I use the experience which I gained as a chemistry teacher who taughed high school students for 26 years, and as a regional consultant for chemistry teachers. I am the coordinator of chemistry teachers' programs in the framework of the Rothschild-Weizmann MSc program for science teachers, and was one of the leaders of projects in the framework of the European Union (the FP7 programs) in Israel - PROFILES and TEMI. In addition, I am (1) an IUPAC CCE titular member, and the secretary of the EuCheMS DivCED, (2) the ICS contact person for all matters of Chemistry Education and relevant activities, and (3) a member in editorial and advisory boards of journals and organizations of science education.

In summary, my contributions to chemistry education research are in the areas of (1) development, implementation, and evaluation of new curricular materials, mainly socio-scientific issues for sustainable development (2) research on students' perceptions of chemistry concepts (especially bonding and structure), (3) inquiry-type skills and activities, including teaching and learning in different cultures (e.g., argumentation, asking questions, hypothising), (4) relevance in chemistry education, (5) the nature of science, and (6) professional development of chemistry teachers (in-serice and pre-service).


The contributions to chemical education research specifically can be summarized as follows:

  1. Author and co-author of 46 refereed articles on chemistry and science education (see list of publications).
  2. Author and co-author of 21 book chapters on chemistry and science education (see list of publications). In addition, I was an author and co-author of book chapters in the framework of PROFILES, an EU project in which I participated (see Appendix 1).
  3. Author and co-author of chemistry textbooks in Hebrew for high-school students (list of publications).
  4. Presentations about chemical education research at international conferences such as the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, the European Science Education Research Association, or the European Conference on Research in Chemistry education (Listed in my CV).
  5. Invited talks, invited key-note and plenary lectures in Israel as well as in different international conferences, e.g., European Conference on Research in chemical Education (ECRICE), Krakow, Poland, July 2010, and Jyväskylä, Finland, July 2014 (Additional details are included my CV).
  6. Invited as a discussion leader at the Research Conference on Chemistry Education Research & Practice, Gordon Research Conference, Bates College
    Lewiston, ME, June 21-26, 2015.
  7. Several doctoral and master students in chemical education whose work has contributed to the international literature (Listed in my CV).
  8. I was involved in getting three national grants: (1) The National Center of Chemistry Teachers (a grant of the ministry of Education - 2001 until present), (2) TEVA (an Israeli pharmaceutical company) three years grant for Preparing biology teachers to become chemistry teachers – 2014 until now), and (3) Trump Grant for a three years programs towards professional development of teachers in the framework of "Community of Practice" (2015).
  9. I was involved in getting three international grants, in the framework of EU projects – PARSEL, PROFILES, and TEMI (Listed in my CV).
  10. I was and am invited to serve in the advisory and scientific committees, e.g., ICCE (International Conference on Chemical Education) in Taipei, Toronto, Malaysia and Sidney; World Conference STE 2010, in Tartu, Estonia; ACRICE 2015 in Venda South Africa, etc. (Additional details are included in my CV).
  11. I am a member of different advisory and editorial boards: (1) boards of the Ministry of Education in Israel, (2) member of the advisory board, nominated by the Council of Higher Education, for certifying the Jerusalem College MEd degree (2007-2009), (3) member of the Division of Chemistry Education in Europe, from August 2010, (4) the formal representative of the Israel Chemical Society to IUPAC CCE (titular member) and the Israeli contact person for the IYC2011 activities for CCE (Committee of chemistry education), (5) head of the CCE committee of the Israeli Chemical Society, and (6) a member of editorial boards as of a few international journals (Additional details are included in my CV).
  12. National and international collaborations, e.g., invitation (as a visiting professor) to collaborate in August (2009) with a Professor Nava Setter from the chemistry department at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland regarding an educational program in Tanzania – a project on which I continue to collaborate.

(Additional details are included in my CV).

  1. Involvement in programs and studies of graduate students, e.g., an MSc program for chemistry teachers, in the framework of Rothschild-Weizmann Program MSc program aimed at science teachers. The program, aimed at biology, physics, mathematics and chemistry high-school teachers, started at the beginning of the academic year 2008, and is carried out collaboratively between representatives of the Science Teaching Department and representatives of the science faculties. I coordinate the program of the chemistry teachers (Additional details are included in my CV).
  2. Involvement in development, implementation, and evaluation projects. For example: (1) Chemistry in the Tunnel of Time (2000-2004): Development and implementation of a new program Chemistry in the Tunnel of Time, aimed at 10th grade chemistry students, as part of a new syllabus, “Chemistry 2000”. The program consists of a textbook, a teacher's guide, software dealing with developments of scientific models, and an interactive web site.
  3. Involvement in intensive and comprehensive in-service training courses for high-school chemistry teachers all over Israel, in the framework of the National Center for Chemistry Teachers (Listed in my CV).

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