Scientific Personnel Appointments* and Promotions 2005

Appointed to Senior Scientist

Ehud AltmanCondensed Matter Physics
Alon ChenNeurobiology
Ilan KorenEnvironmental Sciences and Energy Research
Boaz NadlerComputer Science and Applied Mathematics
Dimitri NovikovMathematics
Boris RybtchinskiOrganic Chemistry
Eran SegalComputer Science and Applied Mathematics
Tsvi TlustyPhysics of Complex Systems

Promoted to Associate Professor

Naama BarkaiMolecular Genetics
Michael FainzilberBiological Chemistry
Gilad HaranChemical Physics
Sima LevNeurobiology
Shmuel PietrokovskiMolecular Genetics
Ziv ReichBiological Chemistry

Promoted to Professor

Itai BenjaminiMathematics
Brian BerkowitzEnvironmental Sciences and Energy Research
Anthony FutermanBiological Chemistry
Avi HofsteinScience Teaching
Gershom MartinOrganic Chemistry
Michal NeemanBiological Regulation
Ehud ShapiroComputer Science and Applied Mathematics
Joel StavansPhysics of Complex Systems
Misha TsodyksNeurobiology
Eli WaxmanCondensed Matter Physics

*List of Appointments that began work at the Institute in 2005.