The Scientific Council (SC) of the Weizmann Institute of Science consists of all the professors and associate professors at the institute, alongside a number of representatives of other academic ranks, students and postdoctoral bodies. The SC deals with the academic affairs of the Weizmann Institute of Science and is supported by the Academic Affairs Office.

The SC considers and approves the recommendations of the Feinberg Graduate School for awarding MSc and PhD degrees. It provides the president of the institute with recommendations on promotions and appointments of scientific personnel of all grades (aside from ranks that require the recommendations of the Council of Professors); it also recommends conferment of the title of PhD Honoris Causa to candidates submitted to the Scientific Council or to the Honors Committee of the Board of Governors for approval of the Honors Committee.

In addition, the SC deliberates, considers and recommends policies, and offers its advice to the president, the International Board and the Executive Board, on any matters related to the direction and teaching of scientific research. This includes the level of research and teaching, the structure of the institute, the structure of the Feinberg Graduate School, plans for scientific development, scientists’ interface with the administration and other parts of the institute, the creation of proper research and working conditions, cultural life at the institute, the contribution of the institute and its scientists to Israeli society and the state, academic staff awards and prizes and the selection of Weizmann Institute lecturers.


The Scientific Council operates via the following committees:

  • Steering Committee
  • Senior Scientists Appontment Committee
  • Staff Scientists Appointment and Promotion Committee
  • Thesis Committee (handles PhD theses evaluations and approvals)
  • Research Services and Administration Committee