Academic Staff

(Tenure Tracks)

There are two Academic Staff tenure tracks at the Weizmann Institute of Science: Appointments and promotions on academic tracks at the Weizmann Institute involve a review of the applicant's file by the relevant Academic Appointments and Promotions Committee(s).

In the Scientific Personnel track, the review process usually takes a number of months for all levels.

In the Staff Scientists track, the review process may take anywhere from a few weeks for the junior positions to a number of months (due to the necessity to receive letters of recommendation from external referees world-wide) for appointments to senior ranks.

It is therefore recommended that, if you wish to apply for a position on an academic track at the Weizmann Institute, you submit your candidacy as early as possible.

Recent academic staff appointments and promotions are listed here

The Scientific Personnel Track (Professorial track)

Those appointed on the Scientific Personnel track are independent group heads at the Weizmann Institute who can supervise Ph.D. and M.Sc. research students. They compete for external grants and are allocated resources by the departments and the Institute. They determine their own research programs, and their interests and activities are directed primarily toward the advancement of their own research, as well as that of their colleagues. Their research, as well as the particular field in which they choose to be active, should be of such caliber as to contribute significantly to the advancement of science.

The usual entry level to the Scientific Personnel track is at the rank of Senior Scientist (equivalent to the rank of Assistant Professor at US universities). On rare occasions one may be appointed directly to the Associate Professor or (full) Professor level.

To be considered for an academic research position on the Scientific Personnel track, contact the Dean of the Faculty where you wish your candidacy to be considered. In your initial application include a Curriculum Vitae (CV), inclusive of list of publications and statement of current and future research interests.

Each application received will be initially reviewed by the relevant institutional authority(ies) for a decision whether to forward the application to a department at the Institute.

If and when a department decides to proceed with review of an applicant with a view to offer a tenure-track position and the applicant agrees to proceed with the review of his/her candidacy, the applicant will be asked to supplement the material submitted with the initial application with further relevant background documentation (e.g. reprints) and the file will be forwarded for further review by two committees:

The procedure from the time the applicant's file is submitted to the faculty committee until a final decision is made, may take 3-6 months.

The Staff Scientists Track

The Staff Scientists track is designed for the hiring of researchers with a Ph.D., M.D., (or parallel) degree, to assist in research conducted by the Institute's Scientific Personnel members.

Scientific personnel members holding the rank of Senior Scientist to (full) Professor may engage a Staff Scientist, upon approval of the relevant Appointments and Promotions Committee, provided they have funds at their disposal to cover the costs associated with such an engagement.

To be considered for employment on the Staff Scientists track you must contact a member of the scientific personnel who might wish to engage your services.


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