For almost fifty years, The Minerva Stiftung has been playing a significant role in supporting the scientific cooperation and dialogue between Germany and Israel. Funding Research projects of Israeli scientists and furthering outstanding research centers in Israeli universities and the Weizmann Institute are the central tasks of Minerva. Recently, Minerva strengthened its own profile and is now focusing even more on furthering competition for establishing research centers and awarding grants, as well as on thorough regular evaluation in all programs. The Minerva Programs are brought to German and Israeli scientists and to a broader section of the interested general public in order to deepen and expand existing cooperative efforts.

Goals of the Minerva Centers

Minerva Centers are research groups located in the universities in Israel. They are under the directorship of a Principal Investigator, who has a permanent position in one of the six universities or the Weizmann Institute in Israel.  Minerva Centers deal with topics that are innovative and of special interest to the science community in Israel. The centers carry out research in cooperation with German partners. The Minerva Centers program aims at bridging gaps, training young scientists and building networks in the respective field of research with partners in Israel. Centers will involve excellent researchers regardless of their institutional affiliation.