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Directions to the Weizmann Institute

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Getting to the Institute by Bus

Almost all of Israel's cities have a central bus station which facilitates inter- and inner-city travel. The major cities have frequent travel schedules (for example: departure every 5 minutes from Tel-Aviv to Haifa or Jerusalem; departure every 20 minutes to Rehovot). The smaller cities have less frequent schedules, with only a few buses a day between locations.

Egged has a user-friendly web site in both Hebrew and English.

By phone, Egged Bus Line information is available from the national office in Tel Aviv, at (03)694-8888.
The #434 and #435 are both express lines.

The Institute is located in the northernmost section of the city, so if you are approaching Rehovot from the north (i.e. from Tel Aviv, etc.), you don't have to go all the way to the central bus station. Get off at Hanassi Harishon Street and Herzl; you will have just passed the Institute on your left. If you are approaching from the south (i.e. from Jerusalem, etc.), you can get off right after the bus makes a left turn off Herzl, at the "shuk" open air market. Walk back to Herzl and continue northward until you reach the Institute on your right (about a 15 minute walk).

If you decide to stay on the bus until you reach the central bus station, there are a multitude of local buses which go to the Weizmann Institute (ask at the information window), or you can take a taxi from the taxi stand directly across the street from the bus station.

Getting to the Institute by Train

Travel to Rehovot by train is also possible from many cities in the North and South of the country. This service is fast and inexpensive. The train station in Rehovot is within easy walking distance to the Institute.

Israel Railways maintains a friendly and helpful web site, in Hebrew, and in English.
Information is also available at 03-611-7000.

Getting to the Institute by Car

From Jerusalem

  1. Exit Jerusalem onto Route 1 (Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway).
  2. Get off at the Anava exit Route 431 towards Rishon Lezion.
  3. Take the second exit after getting onto 431: Ramla/Rehovot. Go up the ramp and make a left turn onto Route 40, towards Rehovot.
  4. After several kilometers, you will see a Sonol station on the right side of the road. At the second traffic light after the Sonol station, make a right turn onto Menahem Begin Blvd. There is a sign at the turn indicating that you have entered Rehovot.
  5. At the third traffic light on Menahem Begin make a left turn, onto Josephson. Make your first right turn, onto Carmel. After 15 meters you will hit a traffic circle (roundabout). The second turn off the circle is into the Davidson gate entrance of the Institute. This gate is open 08:00-18:00, Sunday-Thursday.
  6. If the gate is closed, you need to continue to the main gate. Continue in the traffic circle and return to Josephson, turning right (away from Menahem Begin).
  7. Continue to the next traffic circle. You will essentially continue in the same direction (west) but the exit from the circle is slightly to the right of the road from which you came. You are now on Rehov Hanassi Harishon.
  8. Continue on Hanassi Harishon through the next traffic circle, until you hit a No Enter. Make a left onto Bustenai and a right onto Ben Yehuda. Continue to the end of Ben Yehuda, making a right turn onto Rehov Herzl. At the 2nd traffic light, make a right turn into the main gate of the Institute.

From Tel Aviv

  1. Exit Tel Aviv onto the Ayalon Darom (South).
  2. Continue on the Ayalon going south, until Ayalon Darom merges into the Jeruasalem Tel-Aviv highway (follow signs to Jerusalem, Route 1).
  3. Get off at the Ashdod exit. The sign will also say Tzomet Ganot, or Ganot Junction. You are now on the Tel Aviv Ashdod highway, which is Route 4.
  4. Go past 2 exits (both are for Rishon L'Zion). After the second Rishon L'Zion exit, move into the right lane and and get off at the Gan Rave junction (Route 42). The exit will also list Rishon L'Zion again.
  5. Stay in the left lane of the exit ramp, past the Rishon turnoff, which is to your right. Now you can move into the right lane, and merge with the traffic.
  6. At the second junction, (Ein HaKore) bear right. The sign says Yavneh above, and Rehovot on ground level. At the next junction (Beit Oved), at the traffic light, (approximately 4 kilometers), make a left turn onto Route 4303.
  7. At the 4th traffic light, enter the right turn lane toward Rehovot, onto Route 412, also called Rehov Weizmann.
  8. At the 5th traffic light, make a left turn into the main gate of the Institute. (It's the 2nd traffic light after the railroad tracks.)

From Haifa

  1. Exit Haifa onto the Haifa Tel-Aviv highway, also known as Kvish Ha'hof, the Coastal Road (Route 2).
  2. Continue to the large Glilot junction, Tzomet Glilot. From here you can choose between 2 routes:
    • Make a left turn, and shortly thereafter bear right onto the ramp leading onto the Ayalon Darom (South). Follow the instructions from Tel Aviv no. 2, above.
    • Make a left turn, and stay in the left lane. Continue straight on Route 5, in the left lane, under the underpass. After the underpass, move to the right lane. Take the ramp leading off Route 5, toward Ashdod (Route 4).
    • Stay on Route 4 until you pass both Rishon L'Zion exits and follow the instructions as listed from Tel Aviv no. 4, above.

Getting to the Institute from the Airport

In order to get from the airport to Weizmann, take a taxi. Taxi services are regulated and the Taxi companies operate under permission. It is recommended not to use random Taxi services, but to approach the Taxi dispatcher. The Taxi Rank and the Supervisor's Station at Terminal 3 are on Level 2 of the Multi Level Road. Ask the driver to take you to Rehovot, to the Weizmann Institute. The cost should be at least the equivalent of $30 (US dollars), and the ride should take around 30-40 minutes.

If you are travelling light, bus #249 travels to Rehovot's central bus station from the airport. This is not, however, an express bus and the drive will take approximately 50 minutes. The cost is about US $3.00. Once at Rehovot's central bus station, there are a multitude of local buses which go to the Weizmann Institute (ask at the information window), or you can take a taxi from the taxi stand directly across the street from the bus station.

You can also get to the Weizmann Institute by taking the train from the airport. Change at the Tel Aviv Hagana stop for the train to Rehovot. The train station in Rehovot is about a 5 minute walk from the Weizmann Institute.

For more information, see the web site of the airport in English or in Hebrew.


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