1. Particle Physics I (WIS)- Prof. Yosef Nir
  2. Advanced Topics in Astrophysics  (Technion) -Prof. Ehud Behar
  3. High Energy Astrophysics  (Technion)- Prof. Ehud Behar
  4. Observational Astrophysics  (Technion)- Prof. Ehud Behar
  5. Introduction to Particle and Nuclear Physics for undergraduate students (TAU)-  Prof. Erez Etzion
  6. Introduction to particle physics (graduate) -(Technion)- Prof. Yael Shadmi
  7. Physics of particle and Nuclei (undergrad) -(Technion)- Prof. Shlomit Tarem
  8. Particle Physics (graduate) -(Technion)- Prof. Shlomit Tarem
  9. Particle Physics I -(TAU)- Dr. Tomer Volansky
  10. Quantum Field Theory 1 (WIS)* - Prof Ofer Aharony
    *this link is to the FGS page, there is no other page for this course.