An applicant for regular membership should normally hold a doctorate (Ph.D) or M.D. or be a student towards a degree in Life Sciences.

Annual Fees

Membership Type Fee
Regular academic member (incl. post doc) 250 NIS
Commercial company employee 300 NIS
Student 120 NIS
Retired 120 NIS

For membership registration

Members' Rights

  1. Participation in ISBMB Annual Meetings free of charge.
  2. Possibility to apply for ISBMB prizes, which are awarded during ISBMB annual meetings. 
  3. Automatic membership in FEBS and in IUBMB and possibility to apply for grants / fellowships from these organizations.
  4. Receiving information about symposia, workshops, meetings and courses taking place in Israel and abroad.
  5. Announcing Job Openings that will be distributed by e-mail to ISBMB members